How to Select a Right Website Building Service

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Himanshu Tiwari

Updated on - March 5, 2022

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Website Builder

A website builder is a platform that lets you create a website for your business without having knowledge of coding or any design experience. Website builders use the drag and drop software that lets you drag an element and then drop it on your page. To built a website using a website builder you just have to pick a template that is per your need. Then edit the elements available in the template, write your content, add images, videos, add social buttons, add a contact feature. Then publish your website.

What are the benefits of Website Builder?

  • The duration of building a website using a website builder is less than using a website designer. If you don’t have a website right now, you should immediately build one using a website builder because the more time your business will run without a website the more you are hurting your business.
  • The budget of building a website using a website builder costs less than that using a website designer or a web page developer. A professional developer costs around $400-$500 per month while a website builder just costs you around $3-$50 per month.
  • When you create a website using a website builder you are the person in charge which means you will be one who is responsible for the website's look and feels.
  • Neither you don’t require the knowledge of coding to use a website builder nor you need to learn coding to maintain your website.
  • Since the website was created on the website builders, it is situated on the server of the vendor. This means that you just have to log into the website from anywhere and do the changes.
  • Most of the customers now-a-days shop from their smartphones, so you need a website that looks good on mobile and also the responsiveness on mobile is very smooth too. Most website builders let you create websites that are very mobile-friendly.

How to Choose the Right Website Builder

  • Budget -The first thing you have to determine what is your budget. Every website needs a domain registration cost, then the cost of how many elements you are using. The operating website cost for every month should also be taken into consideration. Most of the website have the range of $5-$40 for domain registration.
  • What are your needs and then prioritize those needs - After deciding the budget, lay out the goals you want to be fulfilled through your website. By this, you will be able to sort your priorities. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are - What design experience do you have, do you need to set up an e-commerce store, what different types of media your website will have, etc.
  • Look for the right theme -Explore various themes on different website building vendors, and then choose the one which matches your business.
  • Responsiveness -Most of the website building vendors give you a 7 day or 15-day trial. Through this, you can test your website on different platforms and see where it is most easy to use, where it is looking most interactive.
  • SEO Features -A good website builder will provide you with the best on-page SEO optimization features.
  • Customer Support -Every website can have a technical glitch, or have downtime. So the good customer support from the website building vendor is a very important thing so that you can solve any problem you are having.

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