The Best Hotel Booking Sites 2023

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Last updated on March 01, 2023
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Last updated on March 01, 2023

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Steve Williams

I’ve tried several Hotel booking sites in the past, but now Kayak is the only one I’ll use. The number of options I get is just great, and it has helped me review other offers across other various sites.

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Olivia Taylor is the perfect hotel booking website. I have been using it for a while now and it has always presented me with great offers.

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Best Plan

Our best pick for the best hotel booking site

9.9 Outstanding!
  • Used by hundreds of thousands
  • This site offers a range of Rewards Credit Cards
  • Plus no cancellation fees on most reservations
  • Web, iOS, Android
  • Rewards
9.8 Excellent
  • Incredible cruise packages, deals on guides
  • Has integrations with Facebook Messenger, Slack bots, and Alexa
  • Web, iOS, Android
  • Vacation packages
9.1 Excellent
  • Headquartered in Germany
  • Over 1M hotels on its platform ensuring you find a great deal
  • Web, iOS, Android
  • Hotel deals

Want to start saving but don’t know how?

Booking a trip smartly can save you time, money, and tons of stress. By knowing what’s out there when it comes to online booking and travel sites, you can make the best decisions—whether it’s for a family vacation to Hawaii, or a business trip to London.

Staying in Hotels During COVID

COVID-19 has had a major impact on travel. Many have called off their vacations entirely and opted for staying at home. However, there are those whose jobs, families, and other obligations necessitate travel, and these people have been left wondering how safe it is to stay in hotels during the pandemic.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes, the best way to minimize your risks is to stay at home. However, if you do find yourself traveling and booking hotels and other accommodations, the World Health Organization’s FAQ page on hotel safety during COVID has information and tips for making your stay as safe as possible.

It’s also a good idea to check the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AHLA) Safe Stay initiative, which includes best-practice guidelines for hotels to follow during COVID-19. You can then make sure that the hotel you’re considering follows guidelines outlined there. During your stay, the AHLA’s guest safety checklist can also be a helpful resource.

Of course, the situation is constantly evolving and it’s recommended that you regularly check sites like the CDC and WHO as well as city, state, and national guidelines for updates before and while you travel.

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